Medical Production System sProduction ®

We created special production system based on quality control. It allows you to design and produce in best quality.


01 / Idea

The most important for any designer is the idea. We no longer need complex projects. Pouring the idea instantly to 3D model takes only a while.



02 / Design

Make an appointment with our designer. In real-time design we can create everything you need right away in 3D.



03 / Druk 3D

We need a few hours to give you first prototype - made of a certificated material which can be sterilized. We have a whole range of materials from translucent plastics to hard as steel polimeres.



04 / Prototype production

We need just a few days to develop production technology. At this stage we're ordering materials and produce the first protypes made of steel.



05 / Serial production

Penultimate step to success - serial production.



06 / Packagin

Now it's time to printing and packaging your product.





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